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Pavillion Project Update 🥳

A little over two years ago, The Tabernacle Church put feet to its heart for missions and launched Lighthouse Missions, a separate non-profit entity that would endeavor to raise funds for missions. In March of 2020, Lighthouse Missions held its first fundraising event – a silent auction and raised $15,000 to build a pavilion for the Mama Tara Orphanage in Honduras. It was the plan at that time to also send a team to Honduras to construct this pavilion. Just a few weeks after the auction took place, those plans were halted when the world changed with COVID-19. What we didn’t know is that God had something bigger planned. Through another large donation, the orphanage was able to expand their vision and add to the construction project. Our pavilion project became part of a larger expansion project. We are so excited to announce that the Mama Tara Orphanage has broken ground and the pavilion is starting to take shape.  It is so wonderful to see the step of faith taken over two years ago come to fruition. Thank you to all those who participated in the auction. Your participation is what allowed this seed to be sown. And this is only the beginning! The Tabernacle Church looks forward to continuing to raise funds for missions through Lighthouse Missions.