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New Orleans Mission

The New Orleans Mission is a nonprofit Christian Humanitarian Organization dedicated to relieving human suffering. The New Orleans Mission combats poverty, hunger, homelessness, exploitation and oppression through the provision of food, clothing, shelter, medical care and other basic necessities of life. They also help facilitate the healing and development of healthy, vibrant and self-sustaining individuals by addressing issues of addiction, abuse and human trafficking through their Christian Discipleship/Recovery Programs.  To learn more about the New Orleans Missions visit

Next Generation

Next Generation is a non-profit organization that helps facilitate student-initiated weekly lunch clubs on Junior and Senior high school campuses, and use these clubs as avenues to connect students to local mentors. During these clubs, facilitators provide a safe place on campus for students to receive help with real-life issues and discuss these topics with adult mentors who offer wise advice.  To learn more about Next Generation visit


The Driven Youth Organization is a non-profit organization established to provide moral guidance and character development through mentoring young men and women in St. Bernard Parish middle and high schools. Through voluntary lunch clubs, the Driven Youth Organization connects with over 400 students each week to empower and inspire them to make a positive impact on their communities and to achieve their goals and dreams. Additionally, Driven provides intervention strategies for at-risk youth.

The Care Pregnancy Clinic, Caring to Love Ministries

The Care Pregnancy Clinic operates a statewide initiative offering compassionate, life-affirming choices to women, particularly low-income women. The program offers pregnant women clear, accurate and timely information about their choice in ensuring a healthy full-term pregnancy rather than terminating their pregnancy. Through counseling, health assessments, and other services, the project offers caring support to women in crisis pregnancies, empowers them to make informed choices, and helps them consider life-affirming alternatives.  To learn more about The Care Pregnancy Clinic visit


Casa Angelina Orphanage, Guatemala

Due to unfavorable political conditions, many residents of Guatemala suffer from extreme poverty and malnutrition. According to a 2009 study, half of the population of children under five years old in Guatemala are malnourished.  Amidst these conditions, the mission of Casa Angelina is to turn orphans into royalty. This is accomplished by not just providing the basic human needs of food, shelter and water, but by reversing the negative impact abuse and neglect has had on their spirits through love and quality education. Casa Angelina is a safe haven where these precious little ones can heal and grow into the strong men and women God has destined them to be. To learn more about Casa Angelina visit

Mama Tara Miskito Orphanage, Honduras

The Mama Tara Orphanage is located in Puerta Lempira, Honduras, and serves the indigenous Miskito people. The orphanage offers a range of services to their area from caring for orphaned children on a permanent basis to providing a meal plan and education opportunities to at-risk children in the community. To learn more about the Mama Tara Miskito Orphanage visit

Freedom Ministries, Missionary David Hogan

Freedom Ministries is a missionary work to the indigenous people of Latin America. This work seeks to spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who have not yet heard. The primary focus is to go into villages and regions where there is no established work of the Gospel. Through this ministry, God has confirmed his love through miraculous healings and signs and wonders. To learn more about Freedom Ministries, visit

GlobalROAR, Missionary Clay Brooks

GlobalROAR is an emerging mission movement among cooperating local churches whose vision is to turn the Great Commission into the Great Completion. Missionaries Clay and Anita Brooks currently serve in China and are carrying out the GlobalROAR mission of making disciples of all ethnic groups and helping to teach, train, and strengthen national pastors to plant churches among the unreached areas of their countries and beyond. To learn more about GlobalROAR and Missionary Clay Brooks visit

Go to Nations, Missionary Victor Barousse

Go to Nations is a missions sending organization that provides viable training to equip and mobilize laborers for missions service nationally and internationally. Victor serves as the Vice-President of Member Care and is the Eurasia Director of Global Pathway. To learn more about Go to Nations and Missionary Victor Barousse visit

Spainaflame, Missionaries Dick and Ruth Flores

Ministering to the region of Costa del Sol and Spain, Dick and Ruth pioneered and now pastor Healing Place Church in Estepona, Spain. For more information on their ministry visit